Reading Program

In order to increase learning opportunities, students have to be engulfed in a meaning based, print-rich environment that is designed around their skill level and needs and focusing on the five areas of reading instruction of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension.
Reading instruction is taught using many strategies at the various age levels. Teachers utilize an integration of the arts such as art, music, movement, and poems in all grades to gain an understanding of letter sounds and word meaning.
Students also have the benefit of using the interactive whiteboards to bring the pages of books to life as well as become active participants, from moving letters and sounds around on the board for the younger grades, to editing, composing, and sharing in the upper grades. Utilizing this technology brings excitement and engages the various learning modalities of the students we serve.
The classrooms also use various methods of reading instruction from a small group, to a large group, reading circles, and guided reading. The goal is to foster a true love and a deeper understanding of reading and learning.
The core reading series for Seacoast students include Savvas MyView Literacy for grades K-2 and Benchmark Advance for grades 3-5. These series address the needs of each level of learner by providing differentiated content for students of all achievement levels.