Seacoast Charter Academy believes the education of the whole child should include work in drama, music and visual arts. Every day at school should involve opportunities to play, invent and discover. The arts represent innate aspects of our common humanity, providing an inherent foundation for communication and a bridge for understanding one another across boundaries of age, race, gender identity, socioeconomics and culture.
Students from kindergarten through fifth grade participate weekly in visual arts and music. The school’s music and art teacher collaborate with classroom staff to organize shows and performances and to integrate the arts into the regular curriculum.  
Music, for example, can inspire appreciation of mathematics and physics; likewise, students learn geometry through visual and graphic arts. Thus, students become well versed in a broad range of art media and techniques as they enhance their core competency skills. They also learn the impact and importance of the arts socially, historically and multiculturally. SCA arts staff are active and accomplished artists in their respective fields.