Seacoast Charter Academy seeks to educate the whole child addressing the intellectual, social, emotional, creative, physical, and collaborative aspects of education.
SCA is committed to pursuing high academic achievement through the education of the whole child. We do this through:

    A climate that focuses on high student engagement that goes beyond just learning the material to the application of real-world experiences.
    A student behavior system that does not focus solely on the negative, but that fosters optimum behaviors for the classroom society.
    Trained teachers in effective teaching techniques, standards-based learning, assessment, and data management.
    A curriculum that meets and exceeds the Florida standards.
    Classrooms that are print-rich with visual supports for the school community and various genres of material.
    Lessons planned around the student body.
    Project-based learning – school-wide culminating activities around a universal theme showing the different learning styles and modalities of our students.
    Academic support systems that provide target remediation, extensions or enrichment. Differentiated work will be used in classrooms when needed.

Click the links below to learn more about our core curriculum series.● K-2 ELA: myView Literacy by Savvas● 3-5 ELA: Benchmark Advance● K-5 Math: enVision Math by Savvas● K-5 Science: elevateScience by Savvas● K-5 Social Studies: myWorld Social Studies by Savvas