How to Show Appreciation to Your Teachers

How to Show Appreciation to Your Teachers

Teachers are an invaluable part of any school community, especially at Seacoast Charter Academy. They provide guidance and support to students, and in return, students should show them appreciation. Here are 5 ways in just 5 days to do just that during Teacher Appreciation Week from May 2nd - May 6th.

On Monday

"Teachers plant flowers that grow forever."

On Monday May 2nd, bring your teacher a pretty flower.

On Tuesday

"You know you're a teacher when you have a favorite brand of pencil."

On Tuesday May 3rd, bring your teacher their favorite school supplies.

On Wednesday

"Handwriting is more connected to the movement of the heart." - Natalie Goldberg

On Wednesday May 4th, give your teacher a handwritten/homemade note telling them why you appreciate them.

On Thursday

"Stressed is desserts spelled backwards."

On Thursday May 5th, bring your teacher their favorite snack or sweet treat.

On Friday

"The perfect gift for everyone doesn't exist..."

On Friday May 6th, Bring your teacher a $5.00 gift card to a store of your choice.

In conclusion, teachers are important to all of us, and at Seacoast Charter Academy, we thank all of our wonderful teachers for all that you do!